Monitor your glucose
without pricking
your finger.

Great news for individuals with diabetes: Innovations in technology paved the way for alternatives to traditional finger-pricking methods, providing patients with a more comfortable and convenient experience.

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CGM device process

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We complete the documentation on your behalf; all you need to do is apply. (It takes just 3 minutes of your time.)

Insurance Advocacy

We work with your insurance to determine eligibility, ensuring that the process is smooth and straightforward for you.

Customer Service

Your CGM monitor becomes a cinch when it arrives at your front door, and we train you on how to use it and we assist you with technical issues.

Automatic Resupply

New sensors will be delivered to your door when you need them, adhering to a prediscussed scheduled timeline.

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Now that you've found us. we'll take it from here. With The Valmed Way, never step foot in a pharmacy again to purchase a CGM device or sensors. Not only does your device arrive at your door in 5 days or less, with the Valmed Way, we'll also send you sensors every month. It really is the only way - The Valmed Way

Dexcom G7

SKU: NDC 08627009111-NS
Introducing the Dexcom G7, the next evolution in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. Crafted for subtlety, precision, and ease of use, this device redefines the way you handle diabetes. It provides live glucose updates to your phone or an external reader, immediate notifications, and the ability to share data remotely, empowering you with knowledge and assistance throughout your diabetes management journey. Choose the Dexcom G7 for a reliable partner in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

FreeStyle Libre 3

SKU: 72081-01

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 3 revolutionizes the approach to diabetes care. This exceptionally compact and inconspicuous sensor sets a global standard for its size, providing instantaneous blood sugar levels directly to your phone. Its design emphasizes both user-friendliness and precision. Durable for up to two weeks and resistant to water, it ensures an effortless usage experience. Economically priced and environmentally conscious, the FreeStyle Libre 3 acts as a reliable ally in diabetes management, making the monitoring of glucose levels an easy and pain-free task.

Four simple steps to receive your CGM

Pre-Qualification Form

Click here to fill out a brief pre-qualification form.

Eligibility Verification

Based on the information in your pre-qualification form, we’ll verify that you are eligible for a CGM.

Primary Care Evaluation

Your request is evaluated by your Primary Care Physician.

Order is Shipped!
Once all of your documentation is evaluated and approved, your order is shipped! It should arrive within 3-5 days.

Insurances Accepted

Accepting most insurances; complete the prequalification form to see if you qualify. 

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Painless Scanning

With CGM, there is no need anymore for finger pricking or test strips. It’s painless and easy!

24/7 Monitoring

It measures your glucose every minute, stores readings every 15 minutes, and stores data.

Fast & Accurate Results

The sensor automatically measures your results at any time. It can be used for accurate insulin dosing.

Water Resistant

You can swim, shower, or exercise while wearing a CGM, but limit underwater time to 30 minutes.

Small Size

The sensor is small and portable, and it can be scanned through clothing, enhancing discretion.

Data Storage

The sensor stores your data for up to 90 days, so you can view and analyze your sugar levels.

Your questions, answered

How Do I Use a CGM?
The glucose sensor is inserted under the skin, usually under the arm. The sensor measures the interstitial glucose level. It tests glucose every few minutes, wirelessly sending the information to a monitor. The monitor will display current glucose levels, as well as historical trends in levels. It can also be set to send custom alerts to the user when certain glucose thresholds are reached.
Can I Use an App to Access the CGM Data or to Check My Glucose Levels?
Yes, most CGM’s have apps that enable you to use your phone or tablet as the receiver.
How Long Can a Sensor Be Worn?
Most sensors can be worn for 10-14 days, depending on the manufacturer.
Is a CGM Waterproof?
The sensor is water-resistant. It will work if it’s not submerged more than 3 feet deep or kept underwater for 30 minutes at a time.
Is a CGM Covered by Insurance?
Many insurances, including Medicare, cover CGMs. Patients must meet certain criteria to qualify. Complete the form to see if you are eligible for a CGM.